Sunday, May 21, 2006

New Outlook Society

I have done this 'shtick' for over twenty years. The silence is still deafening. Yet this is to be expected in response to a critique that undermines religion and secularism with equal vigor.

While information is necessary, it is not a sufficient element to create a proper analysis of our situation. Facts are context dependent, therefore only a new context or framework for understanding will change the relative values of various facts.

Our current context results from ‘belief’ systems that have shaped the general psyche to defer to authority for many centuries now. We are cultural adolescents, frozen by the threats of rapacious paternal figures. Realize, we only grow up when we go beyond rote and reactive responses towards integrating new elements into our psyche. Thus the only ‘doing’ going on, is effort designed to help transition society from adolescence to young adulthood. We gots to move out of the house and learn to pay our own bills.

As a long time student of current events and parapolitics, I find it interesting that rabble-rousers never do more than irritate our cultural beast. Our leverage to effect events will remain weak as long as we submit to the (formalized) mental conditioning systems that have defined human society since the Consul of Nicea.

When at the Consul of Nicea, Jesus was declared to be G-d, the church became a means to enforce authority and inhibit 'enthusiasm', and therefore an agent of Ahriman.

Descartes, with his clever speculations, further codified this dualistic pretence, separating the spiritual and the physical, - thereby obscuring again the value of individual creative expressions of consciousness. G-d is far off, “trust us say the authority figures, to explain to you how reality is”.

As we learn to better examine our cultural conditioning systems we may notice proposals for improvement.

Our collective Criteria for Understanding do more to shape psychical expressions than any news tidbit or informed opinion. The ‘harsh critics’ out there are to be reminded that a consequent cannot prove the antecedent and therefore one expression of initial principles cannot be said to be inherently more valid than another. It is in this spirit that the following ‘rules’ for psychical conditioning are presented, a new set of Criteria for Understanding.

1. The spiritual and material is fundamentally the same.

2. Consciousness precedes Being; Being is congealed Consciousness.

3. Taking or presenting relative truth as being Absolute truth produces pathology.

4. Any particle is the agglutination of sub-particles that exhibit the proper combination of frequency, velocity, vector, and a cyclical balance between electro-magnetic attraction and static repulsion characteristics.

5. The manifest expression reflects the balance between order and liberty within consciousness.

Glory be