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I have done this 'shtick' for over twenty years. The silence is still deafening. Yet this is to be expected in response to a critique that undermines religion and secularism with equal vigor.

While information is necessary, it is not a sufficient element to create a proper analysis of our situation. Facts are context dependent, therefore only a new context or framework for understanding will change the relative values of various facts.

Our current context results from ‘belief’ systems that have shaped the general psyche to defer to authority for many centuries now. We are cultural adolescents, frozen by the threats of rapacious paternal figures. Realize, we only grow up when we go beyond rote and reactive responses towards integrating new elements into our psyche. Thus the only ‘doing’ going on, is effort designed to help transition society from adolescence to young adulthood. We gots to move out of the house and learn to pay our own bills.

As a long time student of current events and parapolitics, I find it interesting that rabble-rousers never do more than irritate our cultural beast. Our leverage to effect events will remain weak as long as we submit to the (formalized) mental conditioning systems that have defined human society since the Consul of Nicea.

When at the Consul of Nicea, Jesus was declared to be G-d, the church became a means to enforce authority and inhibit 'enthusiasm', and therefore an agent of Ahriman.

Descartes, with his clever speculations, further codified this dualistic pretence, separating the spiritual and the physical, - thereby obscuring again the value of individual creative expressions of consciousness. G-d is far off, “trust us say the authority figures, to explain to you how reality is”.

As we learn to better examine our cultural conditioning systems we may notice proposals for improvement.

Our collective Criteria for Understanding do more to shape psychical expressions than any news tidbit or informed opinion. The ‘harsh critics’ out there are to be reminded that a consequent cannot prove the antecedent and therefore one expression of initial principles cannot be said to be inherently more valid than another. It is in this spirit that the following ‘rules’ for psychical conditioning are presented, a new set of Criteria for Understanding.

1. The spiritual and material is fundamentally the same.

2. Consciousness precedes Being; Being is congealed Consciousness.

3. Taking or presenting relative truth as being Absolute truth produces pathology.

4. Any particle is the agglutination of sub-particles that exhibit the proper combination of frequency, velocity, vector, and a cyclical balance between electro-magnetic attraction and static repulsion characteristics.

5. The manifest expression reflects the balance between order and liberty within consciousness.

Glory be


Blogger iridescent cuttlefish said...

Hear, hear! If that doesn’t open an ear-splitting grin, weel I wot, I know not what will. The overall effect was one of scatter-shot (not shat) ungluing, as well it should be; why else critique our uninspected cant of pure unreason? The first bit of effluvium that floated up from the briny depths of chords struck was the seemingly odd notion that the first natives to be “visited” by Magellan couldn’t “see” his ships because they were too large—the classic parable of cognitive dissonance. If, as you suggest, we’re so bloody restricted in our outlook(s) by the systems consigned for our edification by our stern cultural fathers, then any sort of liberation from the chains which bind our perception will necessarily include what Steve Hillage used to call “unzipping the zype”.

The next bit that did bite but good was that Jesus was bought and sold by the Nicean brand-namers—the liberated Jesus, from the Q documents to the gospel of Thomas, is a very different Big Dude, which is why it’s quite obvious He needed to be bottled up before selling, franchising and being used to keep hormonally-inflicted teenagers in line. This provides an eloquent segue to the Cartesian duality-dunning expose of our current
Criteria for Understanding.

In your new set of Criteria for Understanding, I believe that the crux of the biscuit, for me, at least, are the first two: that any dualism dividing the spiritual from the material is essentially false and/or misleading, and (the very best part of your entirely lustrous harangue) that “Consciousness precedes Being; Being is congealed Consciousness.” This is it! This is the kernel of the new physics. Now we just have to figure out how to make consciousness a conscious process, if you see what I mean. I’m finding myself agreeing with absolutely everything you’ve written here, which is odd in the extreme. Thanks for the invitation!

In the course of recent researches, I came across this site, landing in a strange textual analysis of mystic dissonance in old RUSH lyrics. When you have time, wade around in those waters a bit, as serendipity has to mean something, I think:

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Blogger Jeff Dunn said...

All right. I've reread some of my posts I've made on Rig I and I believe that some of the readers may judge me as an angry young man sometimes. But most of the time I'm actually content. Thank you for inviting me to your blogger.

Respectfully the definition of canon in the Grosset Webster Dictionary is:

1. A law or rule, esp. of religious doctrine.

2. A standard; criterion.

3. Official list, esp. of the books of the bible considered genuine.

4. A catalogue of saints.

5. Member of a group of clergymen forming a bishop's council.

6. Music. A form of composition of two or more voice parts, in which the voices imitate one another at irregular intervals.

Dah da dah dee. Canonical Christian theology in my mindset is in relation to the #3 definition.

We accept that the canon is the genuine teachings inspired directly by our God who is also in a dimension separate from the entire universe. In my presentation to you I am not assuming that you do not know about this. I am attempting to explain what I and other Christians acknowledge as being the genuine writings from this dimension. Any other writings from people who represent our God may be accepted as deep and powerful wisdom but not inspired by our God who is in this separate dimension. Only when it has been discerned by scientific reasoning? that He Himself had penned the writings through the representative do we classify it as absolute.

I feel that this influence may be a burden to you. I appreciate your patience and hope in turn be treated fairly by you in the spirit of honest criticism.

For example these are three reasons why the King James version is accepted as the inspired text:

1. The ancient manuscripts passed down all agree in text. From the book of Genesis to the book of The Revelation.

2. These individual books are numerous in number and are found in many different centuries. The last one found in the 11th century I think.

3. The books come from various locations throughout the world.

So the canonical writings match up going back into the B.C. time period. All the books coincide with each other. The New Testament books taken from different cities and time periods textually match up as well. The controversy is that if the books that match are fewer in number and limited to fewer cities and time periods they are considered uninspired. Scientifically all available books should match up with the oldest known manuscripts to be considered part of the canon.

The Gnostic writings matched are fewer in number and many of the books are considered to be fraudulent. There are many books that are accepted as representative of genuine servants of our God. But not accepted as inspired from this separate dimension. Therefore not part of canonical Christian theology.

If you can bear with me a little longer I am going to explain as best as I can why we believe these selected books are divinely inspired and not fraudulent and why the canonical books are harmful to today's institutional Christianity.

My principle is in comparision to me explaining to someone else the basic knowledge of how to work on the engine of a 64 Corvette based on the knowledge written in the Chilton's.

The ancients knew that the stars were there for signs. The constellations and the twelve zodiacal signs go back to the foundation of the world. The original names of the stars themselves give us a clue to the meaning of the constellations. Our written scriptures, we believe, began with Moses, in around 1490 B.C.: and so, for more than 2,500 years, the revelation from these manuscripts was preserved in the naming of the stars and their grouping in signs and constellations.

When Israel came into the possession of these scriptures of truth this was based on the story written in the stars. There was no longer any need for the more ancient writing in the heavens. Therefore, the original teaching gradually faded away, and out of tradition there developed various cosmogonies and mythologies. In the canonical bible written in the book of Psalms 19 we have a reference to these two books of revelation.

So what knowledge lies hidden in the stars? To Christians it is the central truth of all biblical prophecy - the coming of one, who, though he should suffer, should in the end crush the head of the old serpent the devil.

According to my notes based on the theologian E.W. Bullinger is an example of this prophecy written in the zodiacal sign Libra. Libra was anciently the Altar (Accadian=Tulki). The two bright stars are today called in Arabic Zuben al Genubi=the price which is deficient, and Zuben al Chemali=the price which covers.
CRUX. Hebrew karath, cut off.
LUPUS. Greek name Thera, a beast. Latin Victima. Hebrew zabah, slain. In the zodiac of Denderah=Sura, a lamb.
CORONA. Hebrew atarah, a royal crown. Arabic Al iclil, a jewel. It's brightest star=Al phena, the shinning one.

CRUX, LUPUS, and CORONA are three constellations within the sign Libra.

Since these signs go as far back as possible in human civilization we accept them to be a representation of primitive truth which has been corrupted throughout the centuries. We hold on to the most ancient names known of each star and you will find out that all the signs point to the coming of the one that eventually comes and judges all the nations with wrath. This is Christ returning to Jerusalem. These signs in the heavens are what the kings and queens of old wanted to and did understand. The high level movers and shakers today as well want to understand more of this primitive truth.

Canonical Christian theology through institutional Christianity reserves many truths for a selected few. Just like Freemasonry. But we read that this situation is identical to the one in the gospels when Christ was in contention with the institutional religious authorities. They killed the one who was prophesied to come even written in the stars and written in their own books.

Today a large minority of Christians all over the world are in contention with the intentional mis-teaching and omittance of the teaching based on the canonized bible. The knowledge has become more corrupted and reserved for men to know only in secret. Church business is also not based on the canon. Many Christian people have left the institutional churches. Now the Christians are scattering once again and it is inevitable that we may pay for this dearly.

The ones that stay usually get the same message again and again. It is a watered down teaching to keep the flock dumb. The problem for Christians lies in the churches. Christians are being led to support the prideful, self serving, wicked behavior of secular and religious leaders. The demons are in the pulpits and many secularists love it.

The institutional churches of all denominations are threatened by the return of this one that resides in this separate dimension who is Christ. According to canonical theology He cares more for people outside of his church than for His own. Imagine that.

That's part of what I mean when I write about the canonized Christian bible.

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Blogger Sounder said...

Jeff, I like your notion that canonical scriptures will be the undoing of institutional Christianity. Its appeal is in my consideration that ancient writings contain substance that has been obscured over time. Still I cannot get right with your distinction between wisdom writings inspired by (what?), coming strictly from within this dimension, in contrast to canonical writings that are direct expressions of God from another dimension.
First you say; “Any other writings from people who represent our God may be accepted as deep and powerful wisdom but not inspired by our God who is in this separate dimension.”
Then you say; “There are many books that are accepted as representative of genuine servants of our God. But not accepted as inspired from this separate dimension. Therefore not part of canonical Christian theology.”
Who then are these genuine servants of God being inspired by?
My problem is that any time words are applied to realizations that are the produce of the ineffable, compromises in understanding are introduced. To claim to be free of that compromise because one is dealing only with canonical writing stretches credibility for me. Good luck trying to find a pure expression of Christianity, for me it seems to have been corrupt right from the start.

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Blogger Jeff Dunn said...

I enjoy the reality of Conscienceness preceding Being. And Being being congealed Conscienceness.

Through the writer of an accepted canonized book God is communicating his words written in perfect detail. Like a prophecy that should happen in the future. It is accepted that the canonized bible writings are actually a direct tap the author had with the divine. The divine being is as you know the trinity creator God to us Christians.

Many other writings that are not part of the canon do not communicate this idea of a direct tapping. The critics of divinely inspired books throughout the centuries bring to our attention, and I am not a scholar of this study of bible criticism, many reasons why the writings are fraudulent. Many of the critics have been legitimately disproved but their criticisms live on. So again it's the idea that God is the one writing the words in the canonized books. Many of the Judeo/Christian messages from sources outside the canon are accepted as righteous teaching. But God is not communicating the message the author is. These servants of God are communicating thoughts that they understand as being true but cannot claim a direct tap by God.

So merely as an interpreter of the canonized books do I claim understanding of the unutterable. Do I believe that God has tapped into me? hahahaha... Through the writings I believe that he has. But my interpretation can be incorrect! Very true.

I realize that this influence of various interpretations and outright lies makes it difficult for a normal person to condone the teachings of the canonized bible as being absolute truth. Yes Christianity was corrupted right from the start. Judas is an example of this fact. Our world is pretty much corrupted absolutely too. I'm making a big jump into the next paragraph.

I believe if this devil is to be overcome by us humans we must accept the fact that his sphere of activities lies in the religious sphere. Not the spheres of crime or immorality. I do not look for Satan's activities in the newspapers or police courts; but in the pulpit and professors' chairs. Wherever the Word of God is called into question, there we see the trail of "that old serpent, which is the Devil and Satan".

I accept some of the teachings of the bible theolgian Bullinger which stated. This is why anything agaisnt the true interests of the Word of God (as being such) finds a ready admission into the newspapers of the world, and is treated as "general literature". This is why anything in favor of it's inspiration and Divine origin and its spiritual truth is rigidly excluded as being "controversial".

The active principle and passive principle of life producing life is ancient religion. Life creating life through these two entities. This goes way back as we agree has it's origins with the Devil who is being worshipped because of this. The gods and goddesses statues are a representation of this. And many civilizations used this religious opiate as to keep contained the masses under a hierarchy. Just something to think about.

The mass is ended may you go in peace. To love and serve the Lord. Amen.

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Blogger Sounder said...

Thank-you Iridescent Cuttlefish,

Many more compliments like that and I may have to learn to use the keyboard more effectively.

I pray that there is enough substance in these words, such that they may serve to help ‘find a center’ for the development of more healthy social structures and expressions.

We must all be getting tired of nibbling around the edges; eh

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Blogger fletcher said...

"When at the Consul of Nicea, Jesus was declared to be G-d, the church became a means to enforce authority and inhibit 'enthusiasm', and therefore an agent of Ahriman"
and thus continuing the age of subverting religion and ancient truth for the benefit of the elect.
do you assert that Jesus was not
(he never asserted it, btw ...he only agreed w/ Pilate when he asked him if he were by saying, "your words...")
and then:
“trust us say the authority figures, to explain to you how reality is”.
Well, that was exactly the type of thing Jesus himself railed against.
I worry when people seem so ready to connect the history of religion and Jesus himself...they are two very different things. Not to say this is what you have done...
"1. The spiritual and material is fundamentally the same."


just because you say so...
I don't know about fundamentally, but everything is a vibration, that is for certain. so I guess.
interesting things that you made me think of.
Glory be indeed. thanks!

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